Conference Program

The program schedule of SmartCloud 2019 is as follows:

The venue address is: Building No. 55, Waseda University, Nishi-Waseda Campus, 3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan (Google map)

Registration rooms: Room A

Presentation Rooms:

Room A: Big Meeting Room A

Room B: Big Meeting Room B

Banquet Room:

ROHM Square, 1st floor of Building No. 61, Waseda University, Nishi-Waseda Campus, 3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan (map)

The technical Program of SmartCloud 2019 is as follows:

SmartCloud 1: Cloud Computing 1

12/11/2019 13:00-14:00, Room A

Session Chair: Kangjie Xu

  • Mohamed Elsakhawy, and Michael Bauer, An Investigation into the Usage-trends of Canada’s Research Computing Clouds
  • Yuyan Sun, Chunchao Hu, Caishan Guo, Ziyi Zhang, Guolong Ma, Haizhu Wang and Zexiang Cai, Resource Provision Method of Cloud Platform for Power Distribution System via Workload Prediction
  • Ziyi Zhang, Caishan Guo, Yuyan Sun, Qinghai Wang, Yuzhao Wu and Zexiang Cai, Cloud Computing Placement Optimization under Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Background
  • Jacques Engländer, Lucas Wenger, Yannick Kledzinski and Thomas Schmid, A methodology to realize energy-related use cases for a cloud-based smart energy management
  • SmartCloud 2: Cloud Computing 2

    12/11/2019 14:00-15:00, Room B

    Session Chair: Mohamed Elsakhawy

  • Kangjie Xu, Linghe Kong, Fan Wu, Quan Chen and Guihai Chen, Mobile Sampling Strategy for Environment Information Reconstruction from View of Cloud
  • Mansoor Raza, Jia Wei and Ali Syed, Intelligent techniques for green cloud computing
  • Sultan Almakdi and Brajendra Panda, A Secure Model to Execute Queries over Encrypted Databases in the Cloud
  • Qinglong Liu and Chongfu Zhang, Joint Network Coding and Fronthaul Transmission via Edge Caching in Cloud-RANs
  • Xueyang Liu, Qiu Junwei, Wenhui Hu, Jinan Sun, Yu Huang and Heng Liu, Research on Personalized Recommendation Technology Based on Collaborative Filtering
  • SmartCloud 3: Edge and Fog Computing

    12/11/2019 14:00-15:00, Room A

    Session Chair: Shubin Cai

  • Shuaitian Wang, Yuxi Liu, Yanling Zhang, Linghe Kong and Guihai Chen, Industrial IoT Fog Node Adaptation in Complex Network Environment
  • Buwaneka Thisarasinghe and K.P.N Jayasena, Optimized task scheduling on fog computing environment using meta heuristic algorithms
  • Mohammad Aazam and Xavier Fernando, oHealth: Opportunistic Healthcare in Public Transit through Fog and Edge Computing
  • Yingxin Lin, Lei Feng, Wenjing Li, Fanqin Zhou and Qinghai Ou, Stochastic Joint Bandwidth and Computational Allocation for Multi-Users and Multi-Edge-Servers in 5G D-RANs
  • SmartCloud 4: Hardware Level Smart Computing

    12/11/2019 15:00-16:00, Room B

    Session Chair: Xiaoyu Wang

  • Bin Liu, Minfu Tan and Tianke Fang, A Fast Screening Algorithm for EEG Data Features Based on GPU
  • Lijun Xiao, Han Deng, Weihong Huang and Weidong Xiao, A hardware intellectual property protection scheme based digital compression coding technology
  • Shubin Cai and Huaifeng Zhou, A TPS Model of Block-Generating Method Based on PoW
  • Tianhao Nan, Yongxin Zhu, Wanyi Li and Xintong Chen, An FPGA-based Hardware Acceleration for Key Step of Facet Imaging Algorithm
  • SmartCloud 5: Security on Intelligence Computing

    12/11/2019 15:00-16:00, Room A

    Session Chair: Qinglong Liu

  • Xinyu Gong, Jialiang Lu, Yuchen Wang, Han Qiu, Ruan He and Meikang Qiu, CECoR-Net: A Character-Level Neural Network Model for Web Attack Detection
  • Anbang Wang, Xinyu Gong, and Jia-Liang Lu, Deep Feature Extraction in Intrusion Detection System
  • Abdulrahman Yarali and Faris Sahawneh, Deception: Technologies and Strategy for Cybersecurity
  • Wenhui Hu, Yu Wang, Xueyang Liu, Yu Huang, Qing Gao and Shikun Zhang, Open Source Software Vulnerability Propagation Analysis Algorithm based on Knowledge Graph
  • SmartCloud 6: Adversarial Machine Learning

    12/11/2019 16:15-17:15, Room B

    Session Chair: Xinyu Gong

  • Wencheng Chen, Yi Zeng and Meikang Qiu, Using Adversarial Examples to Bypass Deep Learning Based URL Detection System
  • Yi Zeng, Zihao Qi, Wencheng Chen and Yanzhe Huang, TEST: an End-to-End Network Traffic Classification System With Spatio-Temporal Features Extraction
  • Wencheng Chen, Hongyu Li, Yi Zeng and Zichang Ren, Annotation Error Correction with Model Uncertainty for Deep Learning Based Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Xiaoyu Wang and Jun-Ichi Imura, A Gaussian process-based Incremental Neural Network for Online Clustering
  • SmartCloud 7: Big Data and Smart Computing

    12/11/2019 16:15-17:15, Room A

    Session Chair: Wenhui Hu

  • Shujun Han, Jun Li, Yuxiang Ma, Qian Dong and Di Wu, A Dynamic Energy-saving Deployment Algorithm for Virtual Data Centers
  • Ping Wang, Fanhua Xu, Meng Ma and Lihua Duan, Efficient Spatial Big Data Storage and Query in HBase
  • Yuchen Yan, Keke Gai, Peng Jiang, Lei Xu and Liehuang Zhu, Location-based Privacy-preserving Techniques in Connected Environment: A Survey
  • Qian Dong, Jun Li, Yuxiang Ma and Shujun Han,A Path Allocation Method Based on Source Routing in SDN Traffic Engineering
  • SmartCloud 8: Algorithms

    12/11/2019 17:15-18:15, Room B

    Session Chair: Xinyu Gong

  • Tianke Fang, Han Deng and Bin Liu, A Zero Chip Area Overhead Mapping Core Watermarking Algorithm
  • Chen-Yi Lin, Pei-Yu Chen, Pei-Zhen Bai, Zhi-Xin Xu, Wei-Xiang Liao and Chun-Lei Tsai, A Mechanism For Solving The Elderly Posture Problem
  • Taichi Yoshimura and Takeshi Ogawa, A novel Dynamic Selection Method of FEC techniques for Opportunistic communications
  • Yiwei Ma and Dan-Ping Lin, System Design and Development for Robotic Process Automation
  • Ya Wang, Hongjun Dai, An Inter-migration Scheduling Algorithm to Support Remote Telemetry for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • SmartCloud 9: Cloud Computing 3

    12/11/2019 17:15-18:15, Room A

    Session Chair: Shunjun Han

  • Sung Jun Moon, In Hwan Park, Beom Suk Lee and Ju Wook Jang, A Hyperledger-based P2P Energy Trading Scheme using Cloud Computing with Low Capabillity Devices
  • Peihao Yang, Linghe Kong, Guihai Chen, Jianhong Shi and Guihua Zeng, Cloud based Sparse Random Projection for Compressed Imaging
  • Caishan Guo, Chunchao Hu, Yuyan Sun, Ziyi Zhang, Haizhu Wang, Zexiang Cai and Yanxu Zhang, Optimal Placement of Cloudlets Considering Electric Power Communication Network and Renewable Energy Resource
  • Liu Hong and Guo Hong, Parallelization implementation of Bayesian algorithms based on Spark platform
  • Yiming Xu, Xiaowei Liang, Xiaohan Dong and Wencheng Chen, Intelligent Transportation System and Future of Road Safety
  • ISRL 1: Reinforcement Learning

    12/11/2019 13:00-14:00, Room B

    Session Chair: Shuaitian Wang

  • Cheng Zhang and Liang Ma, Trial and Error Experience Replay Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Song Xia, Meikang Qiu and Hao Jiang, An adversarial reinforcement learning based system for cyber security
  • Tao Xu, Dian Shen and Huanhuan Zhang, Fault Diagnosis for the Virtualized Network in the Cloud Environment using Reinforcement Learning
  • Xinyu Gong, Jia-Liang Lu, Huidi Zhu, Ruofan Deng, and Fu Wang, Crafting and Detecting Adversarial Web Requests
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