The 2nd International Conference on Smart Computing and Communication
(SmartCom 2017)
December 10th-12th, 2017, Shenzhen, China.

The 2nd International Conference on Smart Computing and Communication (SmartCom 2017)

Dec. 10th-12th, 2017, Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen University

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SmartCom 2017 Program at a Glance

The schedule above is a draft. Changes may be applied in the future. Please keep checking the conference website during the period of the conference.

Technical Program

Session 1
Monday 8:30AM, Room A
Session Chair: Shubin Cai
  • Sphere Decoding Algorithm Based on A New Radius Definition
       Ping Wang, Dongdong Shang and Zhiwei Sun.
  • Inferring travel purposes based on household travel survey and transit smart card data
       Zhenzhen Liu and Yang Yue.
  • A Hybrid Music Recommendation System Based on Scene-State Perception Model
       Zhixuan Liang, Zhenyue Zhuo, Zehao Tan and Xi Zhang.
  • Research on Parallel Architecture of OpenCL-based FPGA
       Zhang Yi and Cai Ye.

Session 2
Monday 1:30PM, Room A
Session Chair: Ying Shen
  • An Effective Malware Detection based on Behaviour and Data Features
       Xu Zhiwu, Wen Cheng, Qin Shengchao and Ming Zhong.
  • Load Pattern Shape Clustering Analysis for Manufacturing
       Li Mark Junjie, Liu Weiguang and Jiang Jinwen.
  • A New Architecture of Smart House Control System
       Lianghai Yang, Feiqiao Mao and Jiaqi Tan.
  • Face Based Advertisement Recommendation
       Xiaozhe Yao, Yingying Chen and Rongjie Liao.

Session 3
Monday 1:30PM, Room B
Session Chair: Chuting Wu
  • Ensemble Learning for Crowd Flows Prediction in Campus
       Chuting Wu, Tianshu Yin, Shuaijun Ge and Ke Yu.
  • Impact of Probability Distribution Selection on RVFL Performance
        Weipeng Cao, Jinzhu Gao, Zhong Ming, Shubin Cai and Hua Zheng.
  • Joint sparse locality preserving projections
        Liu Haibiao, Lai Zhihui and Chen Yudong.
  • Research on Dynamic Safe Loading Techniques in Android Application Protection System
        Shubin Cai, Rongjie Huang, Jinwen Jiang, Zhong Ming, Zhengping Liang, Ningsheng Yang and Zhiguang Shan.

Session 4
Monday 3:00PM, Room A
Session Chair: Zhe Diao
  • Efficient Algorithm for Traffic Engineering in Multi-Domain Networks
        Jian Sun, Siyu Sun, Ke Li, Dan Liao and Victor Chang.
  • Reliable and efficient deployment for Virtual Network Functions
       Jian Sun, Gang Sun, Dan Liao, Yao Li, Muthu Ramachandran and Victor Chang.
  • Quality of Service (Qos)in Lan To Lan Environments Through Modification of Packages
        Octavio Salcedo Parra.
  • Improved Three-dimensional Model Feature of Non-rigid Based on HKS
        Fanzhi Zeng, Jiechang Qian, Yan Zhou and Changqing Yuan

Session 5
Monday 3:00PM, Room B
Session Chair: Bo Li
  • Design for 3D Modeling System based on Vive
        Cai Shubin, Wen Jinchun and Ming Zhong.
  • A Knowledge Graph based Solution for Entity Discovery and Linking in Open-domain Questions
        Kai Lei, Bing Zhang, Yong Liu, Yang Deng, Dongyu Zhang and Ying Shen.
  • Predicting App Usage Based on Link Prediction in User-App Bipartite Network
        Yaowen Tan, Ke Yu, Xiaofei Wu, Di Pan ,Yang Liu.
  • Sentiment Classification of Reviews on Automobile Websites by Combining Word2Vec and Dependency Parsing
        Feifei Liu, Fang Wei, Ke Yu and Xiaofei Wu.

Session 6
Monday 4:00PM, Room B
Session Chair: Weike Pan
  • Heuristic Algorithm for Flexible Optical Networks OTN
        Octavio Salcedo Parra.
  • Data Quality Evaluation: Methodology and Key Factors
       Ying Yang, Yuan Yuan and Bo Li.
  • SecTube:SGX-based Trusted Transmission System
        Jian Chen, Bo Dai, Yanbo Wang, Yiyang Yao and Bo Li.
  • The Research How to judge Social Vehicles driving into ART
       Weihu Wang, Zenggang Xiong and Yanshen Liu.

Session 7
Tuesday 8:30AM, Room A
Session Chair: Hua Zheng
  • DiPot:A Distributed Industrial Honeypot System
        Jianhong Cao, Wei Li, Jianjun Li and Bo Li.
  • PSVA: A Content-based Publish/Subscribe Video Advertising Framework
        Feiyang Wang, Dongyu Zhang, Yuming Lu and Kai Lei.
  • Practice and Research on Private Cloud Platform Based on OpenStack
        Zhe Diao and Youwei Zhu.
  • Approach for Semi-Automatic Construction of Anti-infective Drug Ontology based on Entity Linking
        Ying Shen, Yang Deng, Kaiqi Yuan, Li Liu and Yong Liu.

Session 8
Tuesday 8:30AM, Room B
Session Chair: Yi Wang
  • Constructing Ontology-based Cancer Treatment Decision Support System with Case-Based Reasoning
        Ying Shen, Joël Colloc, Armelle Jacquet-Andrieu, Ziyi Guo and Yong Liu.
  • Using Virtualization for Blockchain Testing
       Chen Chen, Zhuyun Qi, Yirui Liu and Kai Lei.
  • MSA vs.MVC: future trends for big data processing platforms
        Yuming Lu, Wei Liu and Haoxiang Cui.
  • k-CoFi: Modeling k-Granularity Preference Context in Collaborative Filtering
        Yunfeng Huang, Zixiang Chen, Lin Li, Weike Pan, Zhiguang Shan and Zhong Ming

Session 9
Tuesday 10:00 AM, Room A
Session Chair: Octavio Salcedo Parra
  • Attention-aware Path-based Relation Extraction for Medical Knowledge Graph
        Desi Wen, Kaiqi Yuan, Si Shangchun and Ying Shen.
  • Information Centric Networking (ICN) Media Streaming Experiment Platform Design
        Yuming Lu and Tao Hu.
  • An Implementation of Content-Based Pub/Sub System via Stream Computation
        Lei Haung, Li Liu, Jiayu Chen and Kai Lei.
  • Security Message Broadcast Mechanism Research in Vehicular Network
        Kena Dong, Yanlin Zhao and Xiumei Fan.

Session 10
Tuesday 10:00 AM, Room B
Session Chair: Bo Li
  • Smart Resource Allocation Using Reinforcement Learning in Content-Centric Cyber-Physical Systems
        Keke Gai, Meikang Qiu, Meiqin Liu, and Hui Zhao.
  • Research on Optimizing Last Level Cache Performance for Hybrid Main Memory
       Hua Zheng, Zhong Ming and Meikang Qiu.
  • Empirical Study of Data Allocation in Heterogeneous Memory
        Hui Zhao, Meikang Qiu and Keke Gai
  • NEM:A NEW In-VM Monitoring with High Efficiency and Strong Isolation
        Jingjie Qin, Bin Shi and Bo Li

Session 11
Tuesday 11:00 AM, Room A
Session Chair: Zhenzhen Liu
  • Implementation Maximum Overall Coverage Constraint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Mixed Pixels Analysis Using MapReduce
        Ying Wang, Qian Zhou and Yunfeng Kong.
  • Big Data Analysis of TV Dramas Based on Machine Learning
        Jiaqi Tan, Feiqiao Mao, Lianghai Yang and Jiahui Wang.
  • Use of Machine Learning Algorithm on File Metadata for Digital Forensic Investigation
        Esan Panchal, Shruti Yagnik and Bal Krishna Sharma.
  • An Object Detection Algorithm for Deep Learning Based on Batch Normalization
       Yan Zhou, Changqing Yuan, Fanzhi Zeng and Jiechang Qian
  • Towards A Novel Protocol Analysis Framework for Industrial Control Systems
       Jiye Wang, Liang Zhou, Xindai Lu, Huan Ying, Haixiang Wang and Li Bo