The 5th IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing and Scalable Cloud  (IEEE EdgeCom 2019)

With edge devices (e.g. mobile phones, wearable devices, and IoT devices) are universally used and become more powerful, edge computing has evolved to a new computing paradigm where computing tasks are completed closer to data sources (i.e.  at edge) rather than in a centralized location (e.g. in cloud). Compared with cloud computing, edge computing has many advantages: 1) Services can be done without network access. 2) Users can choose not to upload private data in exchange of cloud services. 3) Real-time service with extremely low latency is possible without the overhead of moving data to the cloud. However, the restricted resources (e.g., computation, DRAM space, and battery) of edge devices bring many new challenges to edge computing as well.

IEEE Edgecom 2019 provides a forum for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to present innovative research and best practices in edge computing, discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise from rethinking cloud computing architectures and embracing edge computing. We aim to collect the latest achievements and exchange research ideas in the domains of intelligent data and security at this academic event. Joining IEEE EdgeCom 2019 will be a great opportunity for your to reach academics, professionals, and vendors who have the same research interests as yours. IEEE EdgeCom 2019 is the next edition of a series of successful academic events, including IEEE EdgeCom 2018 (Shanghai, China), IEEE EdgeCom 2017 (New York, USA), IEEE EdgeCom 2016 (Beijing, China), and IEEE EdgeCom 2015 (New York, USA).


Important Dates

Paper Submission: March 31st, 2019 (firm)
Author Notification April 15th, 2019
Camera-Ready May 1st, 2019
Author Registration May 1st, 2019
Conference Date June 21st - 23rd, 2019



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