Welcome to NACTA

North America Chinese Talents Association (NACTA) connects and empowers Chinese academics and professionals to build up a strong expert network from every field who see the future in distinctive way and are developing careers that just might discover courage, strength, and enthusiasm to the most challenging innovations and breakthroughs of their generation. Working at the national and international levels, NACTA aims to articulate collaboration and interconnectivity to have the broadest possible impact for Chinese talent society in North America now and in the future.


  • A non-profit membership association based in New York City, NY, USA.
  • Dedicated to advancing the Chinese talents community in North America.
  • To enable research cooperations and academic publications across distinct disciplines.
Members include:
  • Univesity/College faculty
  • Research Scientists/Researchers
  • College students (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Professionals/Practitioners
  • Governmental agents/workers