The Dumbo Protocol Family: Making Asynchronous Consensus Real

Dr. Qiang Tang,
Senior Lecturer (equal to U.S. Associate Professor)
The University of Sydney, Australia

Abstract: Asynchronous consensus is the most robust (assuming least trust on underlying network conditions) consensus protocol, thus critical for blockchains deployed over the open Internet. Unfortunately, all previous protocols suffer from high complexity and essentially none has been widely deployed. In this talk, we will give an overview of a sequence of our recent results of Dumbo protocols on pushing asynchronous BFT consensus to the optimal complexity, and finally, real.

Speaker's Bio: Dr.Qiang Tang is currently Senior Lecturer (equal to U.S. Associate Professor) at the University of Sydney. From 2016.8 – 2020.12, he was an assistant professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology and director of JD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Research Lab. Before joining NJIT, he was a postdoc at Cornell. His research spans broadly on cryptography, and blockchain technology, and his work appeared mostly in top security/crypto/distributed computing venues such as Crypto, Eurocrypt, CCS, USENIX Sec, NDSS, PODC and others. He won a few prestigious awards including SOAR Prize, MIT Technical Review 35 Chinese Innovators under 35, Google Faculty Award, NJIT Research Award and more. His research is supported by various federal agencies and big tech, as well as leading blockchain foundations including Ethereum, Stellar, Filecoin, Algorand and more.