2022 Awardees

1. IEEE SmartCloud Inaugural Technology Impact Award 2022:
Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
For research and education in Cloud, Edge and IoT technologies

2. IEEE SmartCloud Best Paper Award 2022:
Priority Weighted Round Robin Algorithm for Load Balancing in the Cloud
Ajay Katangur, Somasheket Akkaladevi, and Sadiskumar Vivekanandhan

3. IEEE SmartCloud Best Student Paper Award 2022:
A Bandwidth Prediction Method Based on Hybrid LSTM for Content Delivery Network
Xinyu Wang, Xin Du, Wenli Li, and Zhihui Lu

4. IEEE SmartCloud Best Industrial Paper Award 2022:
Transwarp Data Cloud: A Stable, Efficient, and Intelligent Data Application Cloud Platform
Hongshan Yang, Wanggen Liu, Chenyun Liu, Tianqing Wang, and Lei Peng

5. IEEE SmartCloud Best Organization Award 2022:
Transwarp Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.









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