Important Notice: This year the IEEE SmartCloud 2022 will be a hybrid conference. Due to the pandemic situation, the authors outside of China will attend by virtual while authors from China can attend on-site. For all participants, please do notice all the time mentioned in the website/booklet is based on the time zone of Beijing, China (GMT+8).

Online Conference Plans: The opening session, keynote speech, talks, and awards will be held online at real-time in our conference Zoom room.

For all oral presentations, we require the authors to prepare a video presentation of their paper (due to different time zones, it's hard to arrange all presentations in real-time). The presentation time should be around 15-20 minutes. Zoom is the recommended recording software. There is no requirement for a picture-in-picture presentation window. Please make sure the video is in .mp4 format and less than 40 MB. The filename of the video should be the ID of the paper.

All videos will be updated on the Program webpage about 1-2 days before the conference. Attendees can download the conference booklet for the detailed program or check on this webpage.

Presentation Online Rooms: Please join the online conference main session at 8:45 AM (Beijing Time) on October 8th, 2022. The Password for joining this conference will be sent to all participants through Email (If you didn't receive such email by October 1st, please contact us).

The program schedule of IEEE SmartCloud 2022 is as follows:

Saturday, October 8th, 2022 (Beijing Time)

Conference Room
8:00 – 8:45 Conference Preparing and Online Facility Tuning
8:45 – 9:00 Opening
9:00 – 9:55 Keynote 1 by Prof. Bhavani Thuraisingham
10:00 – 11:00 Keynote 2 by Dr. X. Sean Wang
11:00 – 11:20 Award
11:20 – 13:00 Break
13:00 – 14:00 SmartCloud 1
14:00 – 15:00 SmartCloud 2
15:00 – 16:00 SmartCloud 3
16:00 – 17:00 SmartCloud 4

Sunday, October 9th, 2022 (Beijing Time)

Conference Room
9:00 – 10:00 SmartCloud 5
10:00 – 11:00 SmartCloud 6
11:00 – 12:00 SmartCloud 7
12:00 – 14:00 Break
14:00 – 15:00 SmartCloud 8
15:00 – 16:00 SmartCloud 9
16:00 – 17:00 SmartCloud 10

For the detailed program, you can download the Conference Booklet.

For the detailed on-site program at Fudan University, please see the Conference Agenda

IEEE SmartCloud 2022

SmartCloud 1: 10/08/2022, 13:00, Room A

  • Bruno Guindani, Danilo Ardagna and Alessandra Guglielmi, MALIBOO: When Machine Learning meets Bayesian Optimization.
  • Yanyan Qin, Chuping Wang, Ning Wang, Guoshi Wang and Xiuli Li, Code-sensitive Function Recognition Algorithm Based on Machine Learning.
  • Geetika Tiwari and Ruchi Jain, Detecting and Classifying Incoming Traffic in a Secure Cloud Computing Environment Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning System.

SmartCloud 2: 10/08/2022, 14:00, Room A

  • Zhiyan Chen and Ligang He, Optimizing Offloading Strategies for Mobile Edge Cloud Systems.
  • Wang Tianyou, Qin Yuanze, Huang Yu, Lou Yiwei, Xu Chongyou and Chen Lei, Power Grid Data Monitoring and Analysis System Based on Edge Computing.
  • Zhe Yang, Ziyuan Zhang and Peng Nie, A Deep-Learning-Based Optimal Auction for Vehicular Edge Computing Resource Allocation.
  • Xiangyu Gao and Meikang Qiu, Energy-Based Learning for Polluted Outlier Detection in Backdoor.

SmartCloud 3: 10/08/2022, 15:00, Room A

  • Xiuli Li, Guoshi Wang, Chuping Wang, Yanyan Qin and Ning Wang, Software Source Code Security Audit Algorithm Supporting Incremental Checking.
  • Heng He, Jiaqi Liu, Jinguang Gu and Feng Gao, An Efficient Multi-Keyword Search Scheme over Encrypted Data in Multi-Cloud Environment.
  • Keke Zhang, Xu Chen, Yongjun Jing, Shuyang Wang and Lijun Tang, Survey of Research on Named Entity Recognition in Cyber Threat Intelligence.
  • Tong Zhu, Chenyang Liao, Lanting Guo, Ziyang Zhou, Wenwen Ruan, Wenhao Wang, Xinyu Li, Qingfu Zhang, Hao Zheng, Shuang Wang and Yuetong Liu, Detecting and Warning Abnormal Transaction of Virtual Cryptocurrency Based on Privacy Protection Framework.

SmartCloud 4: 10/08/2022, 16:00, Room A

  • Peng Nie, Ziyuan Zhang and Zhe Yang, Dynamic Online Double Auction Mechanism based on Deployment Constraints in the Internet of Vehicles.
  • Minjie Ding, Mingang Chen, Wenjie Chen and Lizhi Cai, Evaluation method of Chinese natural language processing in the cloud.
  • Pengyu Zhang, A numerical object extraction method for Chinese text.
  • Li Zhu and Yu Xia, Power load curve clustering based on ISODATA.

SmartCloud 5: 10/09/2022, 9:00, Room A

  • Yueying Zhou, Yongxin Zhu and Xiaoying Zheng, Hierarchical diagnosis of liver fibrosis based on federal learning.
  • Dong Mao, Zhongxu Li, Zuge Chen, Hanyu Rao, Jiuding Zhang and Zehan Liu, Based on Neural Networks: A Semantic Segmentation Algorithm for Optimization of Distributed Storage of Energy Big Data.
  • Hongkai Wang, Xiaogang Gong, Comdong Mao, Hanyu Rao, Zuge Chen and Jingyao Zhang, Electric Power Asynchronous Heterogeneous Data Accelerated Compression for Edge Computing.
  • Li Zhu and Bin Liu, Prediction of user electricity consumption based on adaptive K-Means algorithm.

SmartCloud 6: 10/09/2022, 10:00, Room A

  • Shufeng He, Dianqi Sun and Hongshan Yang, Research on 3D Product Service System Based on Spherical Model.
  • Zhanli Li, Ni Jia and Hongmei Jin, Night fatigue driving detection algorithm based on lightweight Zero-DCE.
  • Feng Zhou, Xiaoli Wan, Xin Du, Zhihui Lu and Jie Wu, Design and Implementation of An Intelligent Health Management System for Nursing Homes.
  • Qifeng Tang, Zhiqing Shao, Lihua Huang, Hsunfang Cho and Yiguang Zhang, niDts: A New Generation Intelligent Data Trading System.

SmartCloud 7: 10/09/2022, 11:00, Room A

  • Xiaoqi Zhang, Guangsong Li and Yongjuan Wang, GAN-based Abnormal Transaction Detection in Bitcoin.
  • Yuqi He, Zhiquan Lai, Zhejiang Ran, Lizhi Zhang and Dongsheng Li, Accelerating Sample-based GNN Training by Feature Caching on GPUs.
  • Xiaonan Lv, Zongwei Huang, Liangyu Sun, Miaomiao Wu, Li Huang and Yehong Li, Research and design of web-based capital transaction data dynamic multi-mode visual analysis tool.
  • Fang Li, Gang Wu, Jianhua Lu, Mingye Jin, Wenli Li and Junxiong Lin, SmartCMP: A Cloud Cost Optimization Governance Practice of Smart Cloud Management Platform.

SmartCloud 8: 10/09/2022, 14:00, Room A

  • Hong-an Li, Diao Wang, Zhanli Li and Tian Ma, Image super-resolution reconstruction based on big data and cloud computing.
  • Peng Xingyu, Song Yilun, Yuan Kangjian, Guo Xu and Lu Zhihui, UCloudStack - A Private Cloud Platform for Lightweight Delivery.
  • Michael S. MacFadden and Meikang Qiu, Performance Impacts of JavaScript-Based Encryption of HTML5 Web Storage for Enhanced Privacy.
  • Bhavani Thraisingham, Trustworthy Machine Learning for Securing IoT Systems.

SmartCloud 9: 10/09/2022, 15:00, Room A

  • Lin Chen, Qingchun Yu, Wei Liang, Jiahong Cai, Jiahong Xiao and Yanlu Li, Overview of medical data privacy protection based on blockchain technology.
  • Xinyu Wang, Xin Du, Wenli Li and Zhihui Lu, A Bandwidth Prediction Method Based on Hybrid LSTM for Content Delivery Network.
  • Hongshan Yang, Wanggen Liu, Chenyun Liu, Tianqing Wang and Lei Peng, Transwarp Data Cloud: A Stable, Efficient, and Intelligent Data Application Cloud Platform.

SmartCloud 10: 10/09/2022, 16:00, Room A

  • Yuanhao Sun, Cheng Lv, Xi Liu, Tianyang Lei, Zhuoyi Guo and Ning Li, TDH: An Efficient One-stop Enterprise-level Big Data Platform.
  • Changchun Zhang, Cheng Lv, Zhenqiang Chen, Yucheng Lu, Yuxuan Tian and Jiabao Wu, Transwarp ArgoDB: A Distributed Flash Database.
  • Ajay Katangur, Somasheket Akkaladevi and Sadiskumar Vivekanandhan, Priority Weighted Round Robin Algorithm for Load Balancing in the Cloud.




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