SmartBlock 2019

Recent rapid development of blockchain has attracted a giant attention by both academia and the industry. Migrating a centralized computing to decentralized computing seems to be a main stream to establish a trust and secure storage and trading environment. However, it is actually too early to make a solid statement about the adoption of blockchain technology, since there are many unsolved problems in the field. The success of blockchain technique in Bitcoin does not mean the technique can be successfully deployed in all domains. The 2nd International Conference on Smart Blockchain (SmartBlock 2019) aims to gather most updated papers in the field of blockchain and provides a platform for both scholars and practitioners.

The scope of SmartBlock conference involves a broad range related to blockchain realms, from privacy-preserving solutions to designing advanced blockchain mechanism, from empirical studies to practical manuuals. All high quality updated work is highly welcomed!

Notice: for all authors, please note that the proceedings, LNCS 11911, SmartCom/SmartBlock 2019 will be available on SpringerLink on Novermber 4 for a period of 4 weeks.

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