Visionary talk

Mr. Zahid Ali

Entrepreneur & Strategist

Title: Strategic Development Within the Block Chain Start Up Space, Looking in to Problems As Well As Opportunities

Abstract: The finance and business side of Blockchain projects is an interesting but controversial topic. The various terminology such as ICO, IEO, STO attracts the media attention in recent years with puzzling images for the general public with mixed perceptions. On the one hand, people think that blockchain is a disruptive technology, and on the other hand, some people think it is a fraud. In this session, Zahid will give you an honest talk with the first-hand experience. The session will look into blockchain projects on matters related but not limited to strategic development and execution from an outward in perspective, planning, growth and strategy, problem-solving, researching and partnerships (during the pre-ICO, ICO and post ICO stage), PR, Marketing and Investors Relations. Furthermore, the talk is considering looking into general business models, with an emphasis placed on dissecting them to highlight the real value for the end-user and community in general balanced with short to long-term profitability for the core business and ROI for its investors. The Blockchain project use-cases will be dissected within the business model, with an emphasis placed on the problem they are looking to solve using the blockchain and why they feel alternative technologies are inadequate. We will present the understanding in terms of the tokenized economy strategy for the project and whether the benefits of tokenization would be over and beyond. The importance of this is profound, as the utility and mechanism of the token strategy will identify how such will work within and added value within the whole ecosystem, ultimately resulting in the entire supply/demand mechanics being met, thus assisting in organically increasing the volume and price of the token medium to long term. A part of this talk also covers the token listing strategy which is vital if the token is to be traded in a healthy manner, especially in the early days until the token does function healthily and organically within its ecosystem and based on its use case and utilization.

Bio: Zahid is an industry veteran on strategic development & partnerships. He holds Law and European Business BA (Hons) degree and PGDip in pure law. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience. Zahid's primary focus has been on Strategy & Development in the latter years, more specifically in areas covering Insurance, Commodities, Retail and F&B. With Blockchain development and advisory more recently, his work is consisting of strategic development and strategy, problem-solving and researching. Using a wealth of knowledge, built over the last 16 years of being a hands-on entrepreneur, Zahid has advised numerous Blockchain-based projects in a constantly changing and complex environment. He has valuable first-hand experiences in this blockchain-based controversial and exciting field.

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