1st Tutorial Speaker

Prof. Vitor Jesus

School of Computing

Birmingham City University, UK

Title: Workshop on Consent and Online Privacy

Abstract: Consent is one of the corner stones in any Privacy practice or public policy such as EU/GDPR. Much beyond than a simple "accept" button, obtaining and demonstrating valid Consent is a complex matter as it breaks down to a number of multi- and inter-disciplinary aspects. Furthermore, and as shown in recent public cases, not only an individual cannot prove what they accepted at some stage, but also organisations are struggling with proving such consent was obtained. This poses challenges both for individuals and businesses. In this talk we will discuss the meaning of Consent, when it is valid and, above all, the existing gaps and approaches to demonstrate valid Consent. We will argue for the establishment of a multidisciplinary Consent discipline that can develop how currently the Web of Personal Private Information operates. In particular, we will argue for the need of an accountable Web in the form of Personal Data Receipts which are able to protect both individuals and organisation while simplifying operations. We call this evolution the Web-of-Receipts: online actions, from registration to real-time usage, is preceded by valid consent and is auditable at any moment by using secure protocols.

Bio: Vitor Jesus is a Lecturer with Birmingham City University, School of Computing, He holds a BSc in Physics, a MSc and PhD in Computer Science and Networks and industry certifications in Cyber Security and Data Privacy. He has 20 years of professional experience, split between Industry and Academia. He has held positions with different companies, from start-ups to large and well-known organisations. He has authored a number of papers, has been in the review panel of several conferences, was a visiting scholar in different institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University, and has worked in a number of international projects. His current research and teaching interests are in CyberSecurity and Privacy. We live in a world where CyberSecurity is becoming a basic need just like physical safety is; or its absence can bring down a business, a community or a country. We are also moving towards a world where there is no Privacy by default and everyone's Identity and Data will eventually be stolen. Vitor's research aims at bringing control back to users by looking at technologies and solutions, such as Blockchains, Secure Networks or Artificial Intelligence, whether it is in Cars, the Internet, Medical devices, Enterprises, Factories or Cities.

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